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When to Choose Video-Centric Mobile Ethnography

– A Video Podcast –

Learn When Video-Centric Mobile Ethnography is the Best Choice
  • Mobile Ethnography is just one Qualitative Research Tool… How does it compare to other approaches such as Focus Groups?
  • We discuss the 8 critical factors to evaluate if you are considering Video-Centric Mobile Ethnography for your particular research application.

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Combining Mobile Ethnography Tools in Your Research Projects

– A Video Podcast –

Learn How to Leverage a Variety of Mobile Ethnography Systems
  • See how we combine best-in-class approaches for effective & efficient research projects.
  • Includes an overview of project design from an actual client study.

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Making Sense of Video In Mobile Ethnography

– A White Paper –

Mobile Ethnography is Leapfrogging Traditional Ethnography
  • Consumer-generated video improves our ability to observe & analyze behavior.
  • It’s less obtrusive, so participants are more comfortable and behave naturally.
  • Costs are much lower & project durations are much shorter!

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